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Malaysia is a moderate country and maintains good trade relations with many countries in the world. Maybe you don’t know, the Malaysian passport is amazing!

According to the world’s only recognized passport freedom index – Heinz Visa Restriction Index, as of May 2018, Malaysian passports are visa-free in 180 countries, and passport freedom ranks 9th in more than 200 countries in the world. Second only to Singapore, Citizen Travel Freedom ranks third in Asia. (1. Singapore 2. South Korea 3. Malaysia)

The Malaysian government is now striving for Malaysian visa-free programs for the United States!

As is known to all, it is difficult to apply for a US visa, which requires the applicant to have a certain amount of savings, and also needs to show a lack of immigration tendency during the interview. Now, visa-free entry to the United States will not be a dream for Malaysians. According to the Malaysian mainstream media Straits Times, the Malaysian government is confident to join the US visa waiver program by September 2018.

Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said: “There is only one step left for Malaysia to apply for visa-free entry into the United States. As long as the target of refusal to issue visas is less than 3%, it can be implemented.”

At present, the visa refusal rate of Malaysian citizens applying for a US visa is 3.7%, which means that only 0.7% reduction is required. According to the current progress, it is highly probable that Malaysian citizens will enter the United States without a visa at the latest around September 2018!

At that time, for the Chinese who have applied for the identity of the second home in Malaysia, with the identity of the second home, the time and pass rate for the US visa will be greatly improved, and the visa review will gain extra points.

It seems that for who often go abroad, the Malaysian Second Home Program is really very practical.

How do I get a driver's license?

  • Any driving school in Malaysia can apply for registration. The driver’s license (actual card) is also very cheap in about two months (about RM1300).
  • If you leave Malaysia after graduation, you can also change your international driver’s license. You only need to bring your passport and the Malaysian driver’s license (effective road tax for more than one year) to avoid 2 inch photos. Co-driving school staff go to MALAYSIA JPJ.
  • International students can also buy a car in Malaysia. Moreover, the local new/used car is cheap (RMB 25,000) and the model is fashionable. (However, a Malaysian driver’s license is required)
  • The Malaysian government recognizes all international driving licenses and as long as the applicant’s driver’s license is still in force, there is no need to retake it. Just change your local driver’s license in Malaysia.
  • Generally, you need to have a domestic driver’s license notarized and then be certified before you can change your local driver’s license in Malay.

    If you are in China now, you can make a notarization of your driver’s license first, then go to the local foreign affairs office or go to the consulate in Malaysia to do another certification. If you are in Malaysia now, you only need to do translation certification at the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia. Generally, the application fee is RM1,000.

Malaysian visa types are mainly divided into:

  1. Ordinary visa: issued to foreign tourists who travel to Malaysia, visit relatives and friends, and engage in business activities. Ordinary visas cannot be extended. However, if they cannot return to China in time due to health problems or flight problems, they can issue an extension letter to the immigration office for approval.
  2. Work and student visas.
  3. Visiting relatives visa
  4. Malaysia’s entry certificate letter, the applicant can stay in Malaysia for 15 days, but the applicant can only apply for one entry certificate within three months, and must be from China to Malaysia.
  5. Malaysia e-Visa: Applicable only to applicants who travel to Malaysia, and requires the applicant to provide aircraft and hotel reservations。
  6.  Second Home Program: Immigrant Non-Immigration
    * Allows applicants to start a company in Malaysia and many other investment activities. Malaysia’s business costs are low, which is conducive to the expansion of globalization. The holder of a residence permit is entitled to a tax exemption if he or she earns income from a foreign country.
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